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Enchantment by Charlotte Abel

Channie Kerns is a 16 year-old girl, bound by a chastity curse that inflicts unbearable pain upon any boy that desires her. Josh Abrim is a BMX racer with Olympic dreams and dangerous secrets of his own. When they fall in love, she turns to dark and forbidden magic, hoping to break the curse keeping them apart, and unleashes a malevolent force with the power to destroy everything they love ... including each other.
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November 1, 2011

Reading this story it reminded me of young love and the wanting and dreaming of meeting your very own Prince Charming. This is one of those stories that you see the story unfolding and you turn every page to make sure it’s going to happen. The writing is great, easy to read, words flow so you just keep reading till you reach the end.

The story begins with Channie (Enchantment) moving to a new city with her family, her father is on the run from a very powerful family, he owes them a huge gambling debt, this family is well known and will not just want money they may even kill Channie’s (Enchantment) family to get revenge on her father.

Starting at a new school is hard enough but to be living around non magic humans is a whole other complication. Channie (Enchantment) meets Josh and their amazing almost fairy tale story begins.

All I can say is this book is well written its about love, magic, awful parents, dreams, hopes and its touching funny and you just want the best for Channie and Josh.

I will be keeping an eye out for a sequel.

If you’re looking for a heart warming read this is the book to read.

Charlotte Abel is an amazing author/storyteller.

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