Thursday, 26 April 2012

Child of Destiny by George H. Elder

Dr. George H. Elder has a Ph.D. from Penn State in Speech Communication and a Masters Degree in Writing from UNH. He also has a very eclectic work and personal history. He has been a college teacher, custodian, scholar, drug addict, weight lifting coach, bouncer, writer, retail merchant, and much more. He has authored numerous articles in the popular press and even a scientific text book that examines the neuropsychological basis of human communication. He has also addressed subjects such as philosophy, free speech, military history, weight training, drug use, nutrient effects, street life, and a wide range of other issues.

His varied life experiences and education give him a unique and interesting perspective, and he often weaves philosophical insights and pathos into his texts. His books are action-oriented, but they do not have simplistic plots wherein good vs. evil or some other hackneyed approach is used. Instead, Elder employs plot shifts that allow the characters and readers to question the relationships we often take for granted. For example, a hero may do great wrongs while a species once perceived as malicious can be revealed to be honorable and wise. This offers refreshing and exciting perspectives for readers as they delve into Elder's texts, for one never knows what to expect.

Child of Destiny (The Genesis Continuum #1)
The universe’s expansion is nearing its inevitable end and everything is being devoured by entropy. The key to having a future is a missing energy source, a legendary metaphysical being known only through ancient tales. The last hope of a dying universe is to awaken this dormant Seeker who possesses the capacity to link the entire universe in thought and deed. He alone may be able to rekindle the sparks of a new universal cycle.

The remaining advanced species desperately want existence to continue, and send for missions to search for the Seeker. One such mission unexpectedly and inexplicably materializes on a primitive world that is inhabited by the Labateen, a Stone-Age warrior culture. Here they encounter Kara, an outcast Labateen noble woman and fierce warrior. Kara knows details about the Seeker’s litany that go well beyond coincidence, although to Kara they are simply the ways of God.

Is Kara the key to locating the long lost Seeker? And what of the races who believe that existence should end in an entropic whimper and who will not sit by while others attempt to alter the end of the universe. Lofty ideals give way to brutal pragmatism as a confederation of races struggles to survive and save existence.

Pursuing a Legend (The Genesis Continuum #2)
The Alcara have destabilized the universe via the use of a titanic Mass Transfer Device. The positions of galaxies and star systems have been shifted. Tthe Confederation seeks to mobilize the long dormant Fulcan battle fleet in a bid to destroy the Mass Transfer Device. Thousands of ships are gathering to confront the most powerful weapon ever created. Will the fleet get through?

Kara also meets the Ancient One, the lone surviving member of the universe’s oldest species. She is a telepath of incomprehensible power who can help to develop Kara’s latent abilities. Will Kara’s enhanced abilities help during the greatest battle of all time? And most important, will the Kara and the crew be able to make the jump to Terra to awaken the legendary Seeker?

Forging A Future (The Genesis Continuum #3)


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