Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Aurora: Secrets behind Reality by Marina Latcko

Aurora: Secrets behind RealityAurora: Secrets behind Reality by Marina Latcko
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really liked this story. It begins with Nikki, your typical teenage girl. Her life is going along smoothly, well as smoothly as any teenage girl's life can, until the day her best friend asks her to spy on a crush for her. From that point on, Nikki's world starts spinning out of control, ultimately leading to discoveries beyond her wildest imagination.

The story itself is incredibly unique that turned out to be very complex. I'm not really sure what I had been expecting, but it was a lot of fun with all the convoluted elements and seeing how they finally fit into place at the end. One of the things I liked best about the story is that at any given point you had no idea who you should be trusting. If I were Nika, I would have been pulling out my hair with all the hot and cold feelings from everyone – especially Rick and Marc. It definitely kept me on the edge and was full of surprises by the end. The whole intent of the story could have easily gotten lost in all the complexities – but it was pulled off and the conspiracies played out well. One thing I can promise is that you won't guess where the story ultimately leads.

The one thing you will have to try to overlook in this book is the language that does not flow as smoothly as it should. As the author is not a native English speaker, some of the translations are not completely Americanized. However, this should be fixed in the second edition of the book. Once you get used to it, the language issues are easy to ignore, as the meaning usually comes across clearly. Despite this issue, the story is great and will keep you absorbed.

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