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Q & A with Amy Rachiele

Silencing Joy
by Amy Rachiele

Book Description:  I scream. I couldn’t help it. I jump up and whack my head on the bottom of a bleacher. My hand flies immediately to the lump forming. I start running while bent in half. I try to get out.  I don’t.

Suddenly, my hair is yanked back. I shriek as my hands automatically go to the back of my head. My heart races in terror. I bend backwards from the yank and then fall to my knees.
~Joy, Silencing Joy

Joy is the type of person that goes about her business, stays out of people’s way, and keeps to herself. Everything changes one night at a football game.
Have you ever been in the wrong place at the wrong time?
Follow Joy as she discovers what wrong place and wrong time actually mean.

Kara shifted in her seat and her foot slipped. Something pulled on it.
A hand came around her mouth and she was falling. Kara found herself flat on the ground in the dirt and trash under the bleachers.
A cloth was slipped over her mouth and tied behind her head. Someone flipped her over like a hog, tying and dressing it for a roast over a spit. Kara’s hands were yanked and bound behind her back with thick rope.

~Kara, Silencing Joy

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See my review on Goodreads!  5/5 stars!

Q & A with Amy Rachiele
Q: Tell us a little bit about Joy.
Joy struggles with self-confidence issues from how she was treated in H.S. mix that with being shy, she has created a little world for herself complete with one friend and pictures. Joy can live vicariously through her art.
Q: Do you have a favorite scene from Silencing Joy?
My absolute favorite scene isn’t a pleasant one. It is the beginning when she finds Will beaten. The cold fear and surreal atmosphere are palpable.

Q: In your opinion, what makes a good, strong female character?
A good female character has to be willing to change. They need to be able to empower themselves and find inner strength. They need to be resilient.

Q: What do you see as influences on your writing style?
I am influenced by what I like to read. I am an avid reader. I enjoy romance, paranormal, sci-fi, historical romance, new adult themed works.

Q: What is the best advice you have been given?
Write for yourself. If others like it, that is great. You have to enjoy it and what you are writing because it is a long, time-consuming process to write.

Q: Hard/paperbacks or eBooks?
I love a shiny hardcopy book, my first one I received ever was SUPERFUDGE when I was about 12 years old.

Ebooks are great though because it is instant gratification. I can download a sequel at 1 am if I need to. (Yes, this has happened to me!) My most tragic reading episode was TWILIGHT. I finished New Moon and needed Eclipse. I raced to the bookstore to get it before they closed, I didn’t make it! I was crushed. I was up early the next morning to grab it. Ebooks alleviate that turmoil.

Q: If you could be on one reality TV show, what would it be?
Reality shows are not really my thing. I don’t watch any, but if I was recruited to be on one, I would like to be on craft wars on TLC.

Q: What book are you reading now?
I just finished Little Conversations by Sibylla Matilde. This is a great new novel just published. I was lucky enough to beta. I am starting Real by Katy Evans next.

About the Author:  Amy Rachiele is a military spouse who has spent many years in the family program sector of the National Guard and currently works for the Department of Veteran Affairs. She has worked previously with families facing deployment and separation issues as well as families of the Fallen. She holds a Master's degree from Rhode Island College in English and Secondary Education. Amy devoted 10 years to teaching at-risk students in the Providence School System. Besides writing, she enjoys scrapbooking, sewing and is learning to knit. Amy lives in Massachusetts with her son and husband.


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