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Pieces of Me by Ann Garner

Pieces of Me
by Ann Garner 

For Delaney Roberts, moving across country and away from everyone who knew her darkest secrets, was the last chance she had at normal. When she starts her freshman year at Cedar Mountain University, she isn't focused on making friends or falling in love. She just wants to pick up the pieces of her shattered life and fit them back together the best she can.

Cole Marsh hadn't settled down since getting his heart broken three years before. But one look at the sexy brunette with the sad blue eyes and he’s lost. But can he convince her to trust him enough to put the past behind her?

Kindle Edition, 221 pages
Published August 3rd 2013

New Adult Contemporary Romance

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I'm super excited to introduce author Ann Garner!  Ann is the author of Pieces of Me, a new adult contemporary romance that earned 5/5 stars from me.  

Thanks for taking time out for us, Ann.  I know your busy, so lets get down to business...

Q:  Tell us a little bit about Delaney and Cole.
A:  Delaney is a broken girl struggling to find a way to put herself back together. Trying to escape a past that is defined by a tragic event she moves across the country in attempt to pull together a life for herself, but what she gets is so much more than she ever hoped for. Cole Marsh is the bad boy who isn’t bad and from the moment he meets Delaney he knows that he is the one who can help her heal if she would just give him a chance.

Q:  Do you have a favorite scene from Pieces of Me?
A:  I wanted to make this story about more than just Delaney and Cole and their relationship. There are so many other important relationships in life. Growing up my best friend and I had such a special bond, and I wanted to be able to capture that same bond between Delaney and Grace. So for me, writing the majority of the scenes with Grace was like talking to an old friend. And I’m having a lot of fun delving even more into Grace in the book I’m currently working on.

Q:  In your opinion, what makes a good, strong female lead?
A:  They need to be able to stand on their own, or learn to stand on their own through the course of the story. Having a whiny, needy, co-dependent lead female character can ruin a book in my opinion.

Q:  Do you have any plans for future books? If so, can you give us a hint as to what you're working on?
A:  I’m actually right in the middle of a follow up book to Pieces of Me. I don’t want to go into a whole lot of detail at the moment as the story is still taking shape but I thought I could share just a couple lines….

“You don’t believe me. Why? You’re a gorgeous girl, Grace.”

“I doubt you’re that shallow that you would date a girl just because you find her pretty.”

That dimple flashes again with his smile and I grab up the salt shaker again to keep from reaching out and touching the small indent of skin.

His voice is soft, sending goose bumps dancing over my skin when he says, “Oh, I can be shallow like everybody else. And I said gorgeous. Not pretty.”

Shit, that’s a good line. I might just melt into a puddle of goo at his feet.

Q:  What is the best advice you have been given?
A:  So technically this isn’t advice, but this is one of those moments that I’ll never forget, and that encouraged. Last year I was having a conversation with my seven year old about what he wanted to be when he grows up. In typical Mom fashion I told him he could do and be whatever he wanted, that as long as he worked hard and didn’t give up anything was possible. He asked me if I was doing what I had always dreamed about doing, and I couldn’t say yes. From the first time I’d been asked to write a short story in the sixth grade I had wanted to be a writer and I couldn’t help but wonder where along the line I had given up on my dream. So I decided that I was going to show my son that I wasn’t lying, that anything was possible, and I started writing Pieces of Me the very next day. So even if I never get to quit my day job (because we’re pretty fond of eating in my house) I know I can look at both my children and tell them that I didn’t give up on my dream of being a writer, it just took me a while to get there.

Q:  If you could be on one reality TV show, what would it be?
A:  I am shamelessly addicted to reality television shows! I’m actually listening to the Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion in the background right now! I don’t know that I’d ever want to be on one though, at least one of the ones I watch!

Q:  What do you do to keep busy when you are not writing?
A:  Finding time to write with my busy schedule is my problem! I have two incredibly active little boys who keep me hopping, and a husband who I swear has more energy than the two of them combined. The majority of my writing is done in the middle of the night when the house is quiet and everyone else is asleep. Which explains why I have to spend a chunk of time the next day correcting all my misspellings and grammatical errors.

Q:  What book are you reading now?
A:  Since I just got back from vacation I actually got to mark several books off my to-read list! I finally got caught up on The Covenant series by Jennifer Armentrout, Slammed by Colleen Hoover, and both books in The Losing It series by Cora Carmack.

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