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Stepping Stones to Emotional Resilience: A Guide to Embracing Your Inner Strength by Marquita Herald: Interview + Giveaway

Stepping Stones to Emotional Resilience: A Guide to Embracing Your Inner Strength
by Marquita Herald

Kindle Edition
, 157 pages
Published February 2014

You don't need to be facing a crisis to decide you want to become stronger and more resilient.

Trials will always be a part of life … a lost set of keys, financial stressors, overloaded schedules, relationship or health crisis.  Even the most longed for changes such as marriage and the birth of a child require adaptability and emotional resilience.

Consider this … how it is that two people can be faced with the same obstacle and while one becomes mired in a web of negativity and feelings of helplessness, the other is able to overcome the challenge and bounce back stronger than ever?
Emotional Resilience is the Key
When we make the choice to look at all experiences as stepping stones for growth and greater long-term resilience, we are able to approach life on a whole new level, and in the process realign ourselves with what is truly important in our lives.
Stepping Stones answers the questions …
* What emotional resilience is and why it matters.
* Is resilience a gene reserved for the lucky few or can it ever be developed?
* Is the value of emotional resilience limited to crisis management or can it improve the quality of everyday living in any meaningful way?
* Is it ever too late to begin cultivating the habits of emotional resilience?
* How does one go about changing behaviors and strengthening the capacity for resilience?

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About the Author
Marquita Herald is an author, blogger, traveler, Maui girl, Introvert and lover of wine, road trips, peanut butter cookies and a dog named Lucy. I write about emotional resilience.

She has published 8 books and is the owner and author of the new blog Emotionally Resilient Living.

Marquita makes her home in rural Maui and when she's not working on a new book, sharing inspiring stories with audiences; working on one of her blogs or locked in a battle of wills with her dog Lucy, she is painting or curled up with a good mystery and glass of her favorite wine.



Q & A with author Marquita Herald
Q:  What made you decide to write Stepping Stones to Emotional Resilience?
I grew up in pretty dysfunctional family so I was introduced to the benefits of emotional resilience at a very young age. But at the time there wasn’t much reading material available outside of studies about childhood trauma and crisis recovery, and nothing that related to the benefits of resilience on a day-to-day basis. I consumed everything I could find on the subject but it wasn’t until I began working as a life and small business coach that I found a way to share what I’d learned over the years.
Most of my clients were first time entrepreneurs, many of them single mothers trying to earn enough so they could stay home with their children. Managing stress and minimizing the effects of adversity and unexpected change were ongoing concerns so I started offering resilience workshops and eventually a newsletter.
Later when I decided to try my hand at self-publishing, there really was no question that the first book would be about the benefits of emotional resilience.

Q:  How long have you been writing and when did you first consider yourself an author?
Like many others I’ve written as long as I can remember, even when it wasn’t necessarily my choice. Every company I ever worked for quickly identified and found use for my writing ability so over the years I’ve written everything from corporate newsletters, marketing and public relations materials to promotional film scripts and training courses. The first thing I wrote under my own name was a booklet for a fundraiser for a local Hawaiian non-profit group, and it wasn’t until I’d published my third book that I began thinking of myself as an author.  

Q:  What is the best advice you have ever been given?
The best advice I ever received was from author, Sam Horn. Sam was a favorite speaker at the Maui Writer’s Conference and I’d had the opportunity to get to know her through various business associations.
We were having coffee before one of her presentations and I uttered those infamous words, “Someday I’d like to be a writer.” I will never forget the look Sam gave me as she slowly shook her head and said, “Marty, you’ve been a writer as long as I’ve known you. You just need to find your audience and decide what you want to say to them!” Simple as that may sound, that advice and bit of validation served as the impetus for me to launch my first blog and begin writing and publishing books.

Q:  As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be an artist and I’m told I was considered something of a young prodigy. But the role of starving artist didn’t seem particularly attractive to me at a teen, especially since there were issues of substance abuse at home. So at the very first opportunity I moved out and took a job in a bank.
I’ve only recently returned to art and I’m in the process of fulfilling one of my BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) by writing and illustrating a book that will be published early summer.

Q:  Hard/paperbacks or ebooks?
As a reader I have 3 large bookshelves at home overflowing with favorite books, but as an author I’ve fallen in love with eBooks. Certainly the flexibility and independence factor is part of the attraction, but more than that I love that the digital format makes it so much easier to get books into the hands of readers in other countries. I sell a lot of books in Canada, the UK and Australia, and have recently begun seeing sales increases in Germany and Italy.

Q:  What book are you reading now?
I’m a voracious reader, in fact I haven’t turned my TV on in over 2 years, and now that I think about it I’m not even sure it still works. Normally I read a couple of books at a time - one fiction, one non-fiction so I pick up whatever I’m in the mood for at the end of the day. At the moment I’m reading Walking the Trail - One Man's Journey Along the Cherokee Trail of Tears by Jerry Ellis and Stone Cold by C.J. Box.

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