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Eden Inviolate by Don A. Martinez + Giveaway

Eden Inviolate
(Phantom Squadron #5)
by Don A. Martinez

The Hidden-In-Plain-Sight Ranch celebrates the return of one of their own, resistance leader Alanna Sharpe, from her trip through Hell. With her comes her long-lost father, Cole, to fight alongside his family for the survival of all supernaturals.
Two tasks remain for Alanna and her friends, however. Her mother Ariel remains captive, and waits for revolution or rescue to set her free from her technological prison.
Alanna's supernatural brethren also remain under the thumb of the New Empire of America ... which is massing now for one final siege to commit the unthinkable: destroy Avalon with the fearsome power of the Damnation Blade, a weapon forged in Hell from the blood of Lucifer himself.
Will Alanna prevail, or will she ... along with all supernaturals and the entire world ... perish under the threat posed by the Regents, the SSA, and the New Empire's hellish rise to power? 
Paperback, 260 pages
Published July 4th 2014 by Desert Coyote Productions

The Epic American Fantasy by

A multiple-book work crossing different styles and eras, the Phantom Squadron series tells a story of action, love, and honor, through the eyes of heroes whose flaws make them human. Follow the story of this special Black Ops team, designated CIBO #A13, and its descendants into the future.
About the Author:
The proud son of two 20-year Navy veterans, Don A. Martinez holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in Writing and a Master’s of Arts in English from Buffalo State College, where his focus of study was myth and folklore. He works as a college professor in Texas, where he lives with his wife and four cats.

 About Desert Coyote Productions:
Originally founded in 2009 and based in Longview, TX, Desert Coyote Productions expanded its focus in 2011 to begin publishing books from authors writing unique, hard-to-define books that cross genres. Currently publishing seven books, including the flagship Phantom Squadron series of fantasy novels, DCP is pledged to bring to the audience nothing but the best in literary entertainment.

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