Saturday, 11 May 2013

Bad Apple by Barbara Morgenroth

Bad AppleBad Apple by Barbara Morgenroth
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Neal Marchal lives a terrifying life. Orphaned and left in the care of a stepfamily who is at best completely crazy, she tries to get by day to day unnoticed and ignored. When the day finally comes when being ignored does not work for her anymore, she leaves home and finds sanctuary with the family of a new friend, Truly. However, her life is full of tragedy and even her wonderful new life with a wonderful new family could not protect her from her past.

Neal is a great character. She is simultaneously simple and complex. It does not make sense, right? On the surface, you see a teenage girl who has been taught she is not important and does not matter. She goes through life trying to hide. Within, however, she has a great love for life and for music. She has a sharp mind and eventually learns it is okay to speak it. Though it takes some convincing to make her believe her music is good and she is beautiful, eventually she dares to begin to believe.

I think my favorite thing was how the relationships were written. There is a true array of feeling within each one – and each one is different. This was a great story of a difficult subject. The writing is clear and riddled with emotion.

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