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The Kiss Instructor by V. Anton

The Kiss InstructorThe Kiss Instructor by V. Anton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a super sweet story about growing up and finding your way. Alana is struggling at home with an abusive father and an abused mother. Not knowing what she can do to help, she tries to stay out of the way, having no one to turn to but her best friends, Adin and Chris. The three of them have been friends for years. The only problem…Alana is in love with Adin. Afraid to tell him her feelings and potentially ruin their friendship, Alana concocts a plan to get him to realize that maybe…just maybe…he is in love with her, too. When life gets in the way of Alana's plans, she has to learn to choose her own path and find her own happiness.

I love that this story was told from Alana and Chris's POV and left out Adin's. We get enough of the story through those two characters that having Adin added in would have been repetitious while leaving him out left a bit of mystery to the story. Plus, I really like Chris. He is the kind of friend everyone needs at least one of.

All of the characters in this story were great. From Alana, Adin, and Chris, whose friendship was completely believable, to the Alana's relations in Puerto Rico, including Med, they made the story come to life. The other thing I really loved was the descriptiveness the author used. Though you get this throughout the story, this was most notable after Alana arrived in Puerto Rico, almost like that is when her life really started. The descriptions were vivid and bright on the pages.

I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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