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Silencing Joy by Amy Rachiele

Silencing JoySilencing Joy by Amy Rachiele
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Being a fan of Amy Rachiele's previous work, I went into Silencing Joy with high expectations. I was definitely not disappointed. Silencing Joy is an intriguing, complicated story. Through most of the story you have no idea who you should really be trusting and who is double-crossing. The good guys seem trustworthy, but then something happens to make you question them. It definitely makes you want to keep reading!

Joy is an art student, a photographer, who normally stays out of the spotlight and keeps people at a distance. After witnessing something she was not meant to see, Joy goes home feeling shaken but determined to put it behind her and forget it - until a few nights later when she returns home to find someone in her apartment. Now on the run for her life and not knowing who she can trust, Joy's world is flipped upsidedown and she is introduced to a whole new scene she never wanted any part of.

Each of the characters was well written and each brought their own personality to the story. Joy was a bit shy and reserved, but she was able to come out of her shell when a situation called for it. Her friend Jen was a lot of fun. She was loud and outspoken and was not afraid to let everyone know what was on her mind. She was also a great friend, standing by Joy when she needed her. The guys were all great, too, but I don't want to say too much about them for fear of giving away part of the plot!

The overall tone of this story was a bit on the darker side, touching on subjects such as drug use and human trafficking. The author did a great job, though, of incorporating these ideas into the storyline without making it somber. Though there was a lot of danger and suspense, there were moments that had me smiling and laughing as well. Overall, the story was well thought out and believable.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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